2019 Dry Riesling

Price: $18

Varieties: 100% Riesling

Growers: Sagemoor Vineyards, Washington

pH: 3.07

Titratable Acidity: 9.0 g/L (as tartaric)

Residual Sugar: 0.008% (0.08 g/L)

Alcohol by Volume: 12.7%

Winemaking Notes: Grapes grown by Sagemoor Vineyards in Pasco, WA and processed in Michigan at Lake Michigan Vintners. Grapes were pressed in whole clusters to reduce oxygen contact, then fermented at 65°F in stainless steel tanks to maintain a refreshing bouquet

Tasting Notes: Flavors of slate, lemon, and candied orange. A rich and generous mouthfeel with a refreshing finish

Cheese Pairings: Tangy or sharp cheeses (does great with a simple cheddar)

A 2019 Dry Riesling bottle in a slender, dark green, Alsace-style bottle. The label is white and reads "Lake Michigan Vintners, Dry Riesling, 2019" and the background is a red-hued hardwood panel.