2020 Dry Riesling

Price: $18

Varieties: 100% Riesling

Growers: Domaine Berrien Vineyards and Lemon Creek Vineyards in Baroda

pH: 3.01

Titratable Acidity: 7.8 g/L (as tartaric)

Residual Sugar: 0%

Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%

Winemaking Notes: Grapes were lightly pressed (to 1.2 bar) in order to emphasize fruitiness in the finished wine. Primary fermentation lasted approximately two weeks at cool temperatures, leading to complex flavor development

Tasting Notes: Heavy aromas of nectarine and citrus blossom. Generous texture with nice acid balance. Honey and tangerine flavors

A green bottle of wine with a sunny blue sky and green and gold foliage in the background. The bottle reads Lake Michigan Vintners, Dry Riesling, 2020, Lake Michigan Shore.