Wine List

Lake Michigan Vintners works with Lake Michigan College to create every wine and hard cider on our menu. Our grapes are grown in the Lake Michigan Shore American Viticultural Area.

In addition to the following ciders and wines, we offer outstanding food pairings that highlight the best flavors of the Lake Michigan Shore.


2018 Hard Cider. Fruity, light, refreshing. Residual sugar <2%


2017 Pinot Gris. Rich, smooth, notes of lemon & grapefruit

2020 Sauvignon Blanc. Dry & polished. Citrus & melon with a smooth finish

2018 Chardonnay. Medium body, juicy acidity & very mild oak

2020 Dry Riesling. Full body, generous flavor, refreshing finish

2019 Rosé. Pleasant, dry, hints of strawberry & tangerine

2015 Methodology. A dry, sparkling Rosé. Aged on the yeast for five years. Made in the traditional champenoise method

2018 Wavelength White. Aromas of flowers, dried fruits & pineapple. Residual sugar 1.75%

2019 Riesling. Sweet & balanced, candied fruit & floral notes. Residual sugar 3%

2016 Vin Doux. Fortified dessert wine, notes of peach & honey. Residual sugar 5%


2018 Merlot. Notes of plum, berry, vanilla & sweet tobacco

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromatic & fruity, roasted coffee & black currant notes

2017 Pinot Noir. Maple & cedar aromas, generous mouthfeel, rich tannin

2019 Syrah. Black currant, blackberry jam, and blueberry flavors. A rich, dense wine. WINE CLUB ONLY

2019 Red Hawk Red. Cherry & strawberry notes with very light oak. Residual sugar 2.5%